Strój Podhalański

Podhale is a geographical region in the upper basin of the Dunajec River at the foot of the northern side of the Tatry Mountains. Although the boundaries of this region have never been precisely defined, since the mid-19th century Zakopane has been regarded as its capital. The Podhale costume is one of the best known and still most commonly worn Polish folk attire. Its look reflects strong connections with the clothes of the highlanders from the whole Carparthian range.
The men’s costume consists of a small hat with its crown decorated with a strip of leather along with cowrie shells (Cyprea moneta) are fastened, a linen shirt of square or rectangular-piece cut with gussets, embellished with modest whitework embroidery and fastened on the chest with a dress fastener, trousers of white cloth with parzenica ornaments, an outer garment (of fulled cloth: brown with red appliqués or white with colourful embroidery and appliqués) or a sleeveless sheepskin coat with embroidery and appliqués, leather belts, kierpce moccasins and an ornamented walking-stick with an axe.
The women’s costume consists of a headscarf suited in colour to the rest of the dress, season of the year and a kind of ceremony, a shirt with white openwork embroidery, a sleeveless coat like that for men or a bodice trimmed with black cord or bead embroidery, a linen underskirt with whitework embroidery, a little longer than a skirt of patterned tibet fabric, headscarves worn over the shoulders, kierpce and coral beads.